OrbisPay is built for today’s workforce


About OrbisPay

We are a global financial technology company. We create products to inspire people and businesses to work together and make a difference for the greater good.

Orbispay provides an alternative to predatory lending such as payday loans and build financial security to your workforce.



How OrbisPay Works

A simple and inexpensive way to offer great benefit to employees.

Main Features

OrbisPay offers great benefits and rewards from everyday purchases to setting up long terms automatic saving plans and goals such as travel and or saving for a car.


Bank Tranfer

Same day deposits for transactions completed before 1pm EST.


Card Load

Load funds on payroll and prepaid cards.


Cash Access

Access your advance in cash from selected locations.


Budget and Save

Use the free savings & budgeting tool to plan for the future.


Bill Pay

Use adbance for multiple bill payments through the app.



Get prescription discounts from pharmacies near you.


OrbisPay offers an inexpensive way to access your wages instantly instead of waiting for the payday.

How it works

  • Just download the app
  • Link your bank account
  • Instantly access your earned but unpaid wages


  • No overdraft fees
  • No more payday loans
  • No more late fee / penalties



With OrbisPay, you can help employees access earned wages without changing your cashflow. It is simple and easy to implement and offers great benefits to your employees.

How it works

  • Improves Staff retention
  • Attracts better talent
  • Improves Staff job satisfaction


  • No integration required
  • No impact on your tax laws
  • No impact on HR payroll processing


Fintech for the
Greater Good

No matter how promising financial services are, when developed in the Ivory towers, by the time they trickle down, these services become bloated, expensive and not relevant to meet the need of the vast majority of the people they were intended to help.

We are driven by the idea that financial services should be democratized and readily available to all. Our goal is to build simple and inexpensive financial products and services that can be used by those who need it most.


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